What To Wear For Your Elopement

When you start planning your elopement, one of the first things you start thinking about is what you’re going to wear.

You’ve already chosen the non-traditional route by eloping, so keep in mind that your elopement attire can be whatever fits you! I don’t mean physically (although that’s important too), but you want to pick attire that fits who you two are. You should feel 100% comfortable, happy, and wonderful in whatever you wear, so please don’t feel pressured to wear something that doesn’t speak to you.

When you choose to elope, you are making the decision to have a unique experience that is genuine to who you are as a couple, and this applies to your wedding attire too!

Below are some tips and recommendations that will help you as you begin searching for your wedding attire!

what to wear elopement

Keep An Open Mind

My first tip for picking your elopement attire is to keep an open mind. You may end up loving something that you never thought you would! It’s also helpful if you can find a local shop or boutique to try on some different attire. Even if you’re planning to make your purchase online, it’s helpful to see how different styles and colors look and feel on you so that you are confident in what you’re looking for before making a purchase.

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Are You Getting Married Outdoors?

The majority of elopements that I photograph take place outdoors, and this is definitely important to keep in mind while searching for your attire.

The location of your elopement may be relatively calm, have a mild breeze, or it may be windy af. Keep this in mind as you search for your outfits! And think about how what you’re wearing will move in the wind.

If you’re planning to hike for your elopement, avoid heavier materials. Whether you wait to change into your wedding attire until you reach the location you’ll be getting married, or you hike in your attire all day, be sure to think about the weight and comfort of your clothes. If you’re planning to change once you reach your location, make sure that the attire can be packed into a backpack that you won’t mind carrying during your hike. And if you’re thinking “…but, where do we change?”, don’t worry! We can bring towels/blankets and create a makeshift changing tent if there aren’t any facilities to change in.

Make sure that you keep in mind how comfortably you can move in your attire. Even if you wait to change until we reach your ceremony location, we will likely still be hiking around for photos, so make sure you’re comfortable! This is also important to keep in mind when you’re selecting your shoes. And the more lightweight your outfit is, the more comfortable you’ll be wearing it all day.

what to wear elopement

Where Can I Find My Elopement Attire?

I always recommend checking out local shops and trying on some outfits to get an idea of what style or color appeals to you the most. Second hand shops are also great options, and often very affordable! There are also some great online shops where you can find a great selection of attire for your elopement.

A few of my favorite places to check out for dresses are:

  • Luluswww.lulus.com

    Lulus dresses usually range in price from $80-$250. They have a great variety of options on their website, and remember, your dress only has to be white if you want it to be!

  • Grace Loves Lacewww.graceloveslace.com

    Probably my favorite place on this list! Their dresses are not inexpensive, but wow, are they gorgeous! They also have several boutiques around the world that you can visit to try on their dress options.

  • Amazonwww.amazon.com

    I know that this seems like an odd suggestion, but there are some great, affordable dresses and skirts on Amazon! Be sure to check out reviews, but you can find some amazing options here.

  • Etsywww.etsy.com

    Etsy has some of the most unique, handmade dresses available. (I actually bought my wedding dress on Etsy!) And several shops will custom make you a dress, saving you on alteration costs!

  • Flutter Dresseswww.flutterdressshop.com

    Flutter dresses are gorgeous, boho gowns that can be customized to make it exactly what you want.

  • Baltic Bornwww.balticborn.com

    Baltic Born has some great and affordable dresses! They have some of my favorite boho dress options and are definitely worth checking out.

  • Once Wed & StillWhitewww.oncewed.comwww.stillwhite.com

    Both Once Wed & StillWhite have great and affordable used dress options!

A few of my favorite places to check out for suits are:

  • The Suit Shopwww.suitshop.com

    The Suit Shop has a great variety of suits and tuxedos, and they are some of the affordable ones I’ve found! Their suits start just under $200. They also have a dog suit, and I may just die of happiness if you have your dog wear this to your elopement.

  • Amazonwww.amazon.com

    Again, I know that this seems like an odd suggestion, but there are some great, affordable ties and shirts on Amazon! But be sure to check out reviews before making a purchase.

  • State & Libertywww.stateandliberty.com

    State & Liberty has a large selection of suits and accessories, and they offer suits with some stretch to keep you comfortable all day!

  • & Collarwww.andcollar.com

    & Collar has a great selection of dress shirts, ties, and pants. They have some really unique and durable options to choose from! Plus, their shirts are stain resistant, which is super helpful for hiking elopements.

  • The Stretch Suitwww.thestretchsuit.com

    The Stretch Suit describes themselves as having the world’s most comfortable suit, and they have a great variety of styles and colors!

My favorite places for additional adventure gear and layering up are:

  • Backcountry • www.backcountry.com

    Backcountry has just about every type of adventure gear you could need, plus lots of great stuff for layering up!

  • Ruffwear • www.ruffwear.com

    If you’re planning to include your dog(s) in your elopement day, Ruffwear has all the adventure gear your pup could ever need!

what to wear elopement

What About Accessories & Footwear?

If you’re planning to have any accessories with your outfit (veil, shawl, coat, suspenders, cufflinks, etc), keep this in mind while you’re searching for your attire. Make sure that whatever outfit you choose will work with the accessories you’d like to incorporate. Etsy is one of my favorite places to check out for unique or custom accessories!

Another thing to keep in mind is the colors of your florals (if you’re having any) and your partner’s attire. Make sure that the color and style of your attire work well with the other aspects of your elopement, including the location!

And don’t forget about layers! If you’re eloping somewhere that could get cold or windy, be sure to bring some layers that you’d be stoked to be photographed in. A matching coat or shawl are great options! You can also layer up underneath your wedding attire.

For your footwear, you’ll want to choose appropriate footwear for the location. I recommend function over looks for shoes as they don’t tend to be a big focal point of your photos, and uncomfortable footwear can really hinder your experience.

For most locations, I recommend comfortable footwear with good tread. Of course, there are exceptions – but unless your entire day will be spent on a perfectly manicured lawn or flat pavement, you’re going to want some comfortable shoes with solid grip. I don’t typically recommend heels or shoes that are completely smooth on the bottom as having good tread on your shoes allows us the freedom to explore more places and capture beautiful locations. If you have your heart set on wearing heels, bring an extra pair of shoes! You can always change throughout the day.

Another thing to keep in mind for footwear is if it’ll be cold throughout the day. You may want to wear extra thick socks or have toe warmers in your boots, so be sure that there’s enough room in your shoes to still be comfortable. If your location may be icy, you can also purchase traction spikes that fit over your shoes to give you better traction.

If you’re eloping on a warm beach, going barefoot is a great option too! You can bring a pair of hiking shoes in case there are rocks or cliffs you’d like to explore, or even a pair of sandals if the sand is too hot.

One last tip – if you purchase new hiking shoes for your elopement, be sure to break them in beforehand! No one wants sore feet on their wedding day.

what to wear elopement

Eloping means that you care deeply about the way that you get married. You want your wedding day to be the best day of your life, where you and your partner can focus on each other and having a unique experience unlike anything else.

Remember that the most important thing about your wedding attire is how you feel in it. Be authentic to yourself!

No matter how you choose to spend your wedding day, I am here to help guide you through the process of eloping. I will be your photographer, your guide, your cheerleader, and your friend on the best day of your life.

Remember, you can make your wedding day whatever you want it to be!

Looking for tips for choosing your elopement location? Check out this blog post with tips for picking a location!

x Brittany