How To Include Your Dog In Your Elopement Day

Your dog is a huge part of your life, and including them on such an important day is a great way to add even more joy to your day!

As a dog (and cat) mom myself, I absolutely love when couples bring along a pet (or two!) on their wedding day. This blog post will give you some ideas of how to include your dog in your day, along with tips to make sure they are safe and comfortable.

how to include dog in elopement

Best Dog, Dog of Honor, Ring Bearer, or Flower Dog

These are all such fun ways to include your dog in your day! While it’s normal for a wedding party to be made up of friends or family, why can’t your dog be your wedding party?! After all, they are your family and your best friend, and having them with you while you say your vows is a beautiful way to recognize how important they are to you.

You can also have your dog be a ring bearer or flower dog! Whether they hold the rings on a pack on their back or collar, or they wear flowers, or even carry your bouquet to you, this can be a really fun and unique way to include them.

how to include dog in elopement

Ashley and Jordan shared pizza with Duke during their beach elopement!

Have Them Be Your Adventure Buddy For The Day

Your dog doesn’t have to have a specific role in your wedding to still be an important part of your day. If you two love to hike with your dog(s), you can include that in your day! Or if your dog loves to swim, you can stop at a beach and let them have some time running around in the water. As a pet mom myself, I know how happy I am when my pets are happy, so this will only add more joy to your day!

how to include your dog in elopement

GoPro Dog

One of my favorite ideas for including your dog in your day is to put a GoPro harness on them and let them capture your day on video! Sure, you’ll end up with a lot of video of the grass and trees as your dog sniffs everything, but you will also end up with some really unique videos of your day, all from your dog’s unique perspective! Here’s a GoPro harness for your dog to check out.

how to include dog in elopement

Other Fun Ideas

If your dog isn’t able to be physically part of your day, but you still want to include them, you can! Here’s a few fun ideas:

  • Writing your vows on the back of a photo of your dog

  • Having a dog cake topper

  • Wearing jewelry that represents your dog

  • Mentioning your dog during your vows

  • FaceTime with your dog

how to include dog elopement

Safety Tips

If you decide to bring your dog(s) along on your elopement day, the first step is to check that dogs are allowed in the location you choose. Then you’ll want to make sure that the hike to get to that location isn’t too difficult for your dog to navigate. If your dog isn’t able to stay with you the entire day due to location challenges or hiking, you can still include them in part of the day!

A few tips for making sure your dog is safe and comfortable on your day:

  • Bring plenty of water and a travel dog water bowl

  • Bring extra snacks and/or food for your dog

  • Make sure your dog is up to date on vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and flea/tick prevention

  • Pack a dog first-aid kit

  • Protect their paws! Especially if you’re hiking in snow or rocky areas, paw wax can help

  • Make sure to keep your dog on a safe and secure collar/harness and leash

    • I don’t recommend retractable leashes, they are not as secure and can cause injuries

  • If part of your day will be in the dark, something like one of these safety necklaces can help keep your dog safe

  • Don’t forget poop bags!

  • One of my favorite shops for dog adventure gear is Ruffwear! They have tons of amazing gear to help keep your dogs safe.

how to include dog in elopement

No matter how you choose to include your dog in your elopement, I’m here to help guide you through the process. There are so many incredible dog-friendly locations, and I would love to help you pick the perfect location and find a private spot for the best day of your life!

x Brittany

how to include dog elopement