How To Pick Your Elopement Location

One of the most significant decisions that eloping couples need to make is their elopement location. Picking the perfect elopement location can seem daunting if you have a lot of options, but it helps to narrow down the list together and choose a location that is meaningful to you two.

The most important thing is that your location feels right to you. You should feel comfortable, overwhelmingly happy, and love where you will be saying your vows and committing your life to your partner.

Below are some tips for picking the perfect elopement location for your day!

rocky beach elopement upper peninsula

1. Scenery and views.

The place you two choose to elope should be reflective of you two. What type of locations do you feel drawn to or connected to? What views bring you two happiness and peace? Maybe it’s a waterfall, a mountain, a beach, a forest, a cliff overlooking the water… Spend time thinking about your vision of your day and what scenery would best fit with that vision.

how to pick elopement location

2. Privacy.

Ideally, you would have complete privacy for your elopement. But when you’re eloping somewhere public and well known, especially in a popular place like a National Park, you typically have to choose two out of the three: privacy, amazing scenery, easy accessibility. Choosing a weekday or a sunrise elopement usually means less people around, allowing you more privacy. But keep in mind how important privacy is to you if you choose a very popular and well known location.

glacier national park elopement

3. Accessibility.

Accessibility can be very important for your elopement location, especially if you are having guests. Are you open to a long car ride, a steep hike, a bumpy 4×4 ride, a ferry? Consider what would be the best and most fun experience for you. If you want an easily accessible spot, you may have to sacrifice a bit of privacy or views for it, but there are still a lot of options for your location if accessibility is important to you.

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4. Experience.

Think about what types of things you would like to do on your elopement day. Some locations will work better for certain activities, such as hiking, bike riding, wine tasting, star gazing, and more. If you have a certain activity you’d really like to do on your elopement day or during your trip, keep this in mind to make sure it will be feasible with the location you choose. Check out 50 fun things to do on your wedding day here!

how to pick elopement location

Be intentional about the location you choose holding meaning for the two of you. It can be your favorite place together or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Check out some of the reasons to consider eloping in Michigan here.

I provide all of my couples with custom location scouting to help them pick the perfect spot! After I learn about what is most important to you, I put together a custom list with ideas that fit your priorities.

No matter where you choose to elope, I am here to help guide you through the process of eloping. I will be your photographer, your guide, your cheerleader, and your friend on the best day of your life.

Remember, you can make your wedding day whatever you want it to be!

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x Brittany