50 Fun Things To Do On Your Wedding Day

What would your wedding day look like if it had no boundaries? No rules or traditions to follow?

That’s what eloping can mean! An intimate and authentic day, focused on the two of you as a couple.

This list will give you some ideas of unique activities for your ideal wedding day! If there are certain activities that you’d love to incorporate into your day, this may help guide you as you begin planning your elopement location.

Your wedding day can be whatever you want it to be!

fun things to do on your wedding day

1. Hiking

2. Dancing

3. Going on a safari

4. Massages

5. Horseback riding

6. Having a picnic

7. Wine tasting

8. Kayaking

9. Snowboarding or skiing

10. Taking a walk with your dog(s)

fun things to do on your wedding day

11. Check out some food trucks

12. Paddle-boarding

13. Card or yard games

14. Popping champagne

15. Swimming

16. Jet-skiing

17. Soaking in hot springs

18. Ice skating

19. Sunrise or sunset walk along the beach

20. Bike riding

fun things to do on your wedding day

21. Snorkeling

22. Making a meal together

23. Helicopter tour

24. Yoga

25. Rock climbing

26. Visiting a zoo or aquarium

27. Skateboarding

28. Carriage ride

29. Hot air balloon ride

30. Skydiving

fun things to do on your wedding day

31. Scuba diving

32. Matching tattoos

33. Off roading in a 4×4

34. Zip lining

35. Karaoke

36. Planting a flower or tree

37. Roller blading

38. Hire a personal chef

39. Waterfall rappelling

40. Rent your dream car for a day

fun things to do on your wedding day

41. White water rafting

42. Have a campfire

43. Make s’mores

44. Soak in a hot tub

45. Backpacking

46. Hire a musician

47. Sunbathe on the beach

48. Relax in a hammock together

49. Have your first dance by firelight

50. Star gazing

No matter how you choose to spend your wedding day, I am here to help guide you through the process of eloping and having the best day of your life. You can make your wedding day whatever you want it to be!

If you’re not sure if eloping is right for you, check out this blog post that includes some of the top reasons that couples choose to elope!

x Brittany