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Why You Should Hire A Videographer For Your Elopement

When planning an elopement, many couples are quick to hire a photographer but often aren’t sure if they should hire a videographer. But as someone who has captured many elopements over the years, I highly recommend having a videographer document your elopement day. I believe so strongly in having both photos and video from your elopement day to look back on that I added my husband, Jake, onto my team as my videographer! Each of my photography packages have the option to add on videography, and Jake is so talented at capturing beautiful moments on video.

But if you’re on the fence about having a videographer at your elopement, here are some reasons to consider it:

1. Video Brings Your Day Back To Life

One of my favorite things about videography is the way that it truly brings your day back to life. You get to relive exactly how the day looked and felt. Video shows you the way that you and your partner looked at each other on this incredible day, and all the laughs, smiles, and little moments that made your day so special.

2. For Your Loved Ones

If you’re eloping, you likely won’t have many (or any) other people at your wedding. Photography is an amazing way to share your day with your loved ones, but having video allows your family and friends to feel like they were actually there!

3. For The Emotion

There’s something so emotional about elopement videos. The music, the slow motion, the way that you get to relive the day. It’s more than just your ceremony, it’s a highlight film of the entire day. And hearing your partner read their vows over the video is truly something special.

4. Hiring A Team Makes It Seamless

One of the best things about adding on video to your photography package is that Jake and I work so well together. We work with each other seamlessly, and it makes having both of us capture your day easy for you. Plus, you don’t have to deal with extra costs, contracts, invoices, and questionnaires from hiring another vendor!

If you’re still not sure if videography is right for you, check out the highlight film of Jewell & Chris’ incredible Upper Peninsula elopement!

If you’d like to see more of Jake’s recent elopement highlight films, check them out here.

I highly recommend adding video coverage to your day as video can truly bring your day back to life, and friends and family will feel like they were actually there! Having both photography and videography to look back on your day is something you’ll never regret.

Want to learn more about working with me and Jake for your elopement day?

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